Tania describing her first experience with a woman

This was a fine Sunday when I was taking a break from being an escort in Chandigarh and I was relaxing at my home. Suddenly, I got a call from a lady who sounded really classy and rich. She told me that she is in need of my services. This was quite surprising for me as I was not really expecting this at all. I told her that I am not into girls and I have never done this before, but she started offering me huge cash of money that really tempted me. I told her that money is not the issue but the main thing is that I am into men and I have never been with a woman before.

After that she started telling me her story that she is also married but she is into girls but due to family pressure she married a man but since last 8 years she is living a lie and she can’t tell this anyone else because in India this is not possible. She requested me if I can come to her house and at least do something. At that point of time I was really sympathising on her condition and as an Independent escort in Chandigarh it was my duty to make sure that she was satisfied, and moreover she was providing a lot of money even if we don’t do anything.